Top Best Blender For Crushing Ice In 2020

Best Blender For Crushing Ice And Frozen Fruits: Quality Makes Life Easier

Summer: The flawless weather to enjoy a glass of perfectly blended smoothie, juice, shakes or refreshing drinks. After a long tiring day when you enter the home and your special one brings a cold glass of smoothie. Isn’t it enough to overcome your tiredness and feel relaxed? Let’s face the difficulties to choose the best blender for crushing ice to making a glass of smoothies

So, what actually is the major obstacle in this easy refreshment? We have a refrigerator and in it, we have fruits, milk, ice and other ingredients that are needed to prepare a glass of melted love. However, only the best blender for crushing ice can give you these perfect drinks and to get a perfect blender, some point you need to check before buy.

Best Blender For Crushing Ice

Best Blender For Crushing Ice

Why You Need Special Blender to Crush Ice

Let’s face the difficulty to select the best blender for crushing ice into smoothies. Ice is relatively difficult to pulverize because it is hard and rough enough to crush ice as well as make its smoothies. There is a lot of blenders, which is good in quality if you pick one of them you may be looser because this entire blender is not capable to crush ice. In that case, if you want to crush the ice with such a blender, your blender may last for only several minutes then you will feel smell and will get your blender damaged.

On the other hand, there is also have the existence of some blender, which is capable of crushing ice into relatively smaller fragments but unable to convert frozen fruits or other ice into smoothies.

There is also some blender that stands best in this race and is familiarized as one of the best blenders for crushing ice. you can easily judge our statements. Our top blender is ready to accept the challenge to become the best blender for crushing ice.

Our # 1 Best Blender for Crushing Ice: Vitamix Professional Series 750 Brushed Stainless Finish with 64-Oz. Container 


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Motor: The motor is able to maintain torque as well as cool the temperature to consistently deliver the power you need to blend the desired things. It has 2.2-peak-horsepower or 1200 watts motor. We use an optimum power that is able to crush the rough and tough thing like ice or frozen fruits and simultaneously saves the waste of power

Blades: This Blade is able to provide you the best possible smoothies because we offer an aircraft-grade hardened stainless steel. So the blade lasts for a long time and performs like a new one after getting old.

Tamper: Tritan Copolyester is industry-standard plastic. Tritan copolyester jar is that allows the strong surface of the jar to handle the hard thing like an ice cube or frozen fruits.

Pitcher/Jug: The new wide container with a weight of 64-oz. The wide Jar allows the ice cube proper surface area to pulverize.

Manual Speed Control: The speed can be controlled manually and simple controlling makes it popular with a very short time. It has 10 variable speed dial and one pulse lever, which makes controlling simple.

BPA %: All the food contact zone is BPA-free.

Note: Vitamix 7500 instructs adding water with the ice cube before crushing but the many users say that they have no problems without adding water.

Don’t you want to know the features that are needed to become a good quality blender?

Blender Feature:

  1. Motor Power :

Great Mistake will take place if you think that any motor can able to pulverize ice cube into smoothies. As a lot of friction involves the task of crushing ice into smoothies so a lot of torque or horsepower is needed to pulverize ice. To pulverize ice you need a motor with a minimum power of 600 watts but higher the power is better to crush ice.

  1. Motor Speed :

The next thing is most people choose manual speed control motor to set controls previously that give them narrow choices. A manual controller lets you slowly raise the blender’s speed and anyone who has had difficulties making smoothies in regular mixers should instantly see how this assistance them. Blenders that straightway jump into speedy act can create large air bubbles inside the blender jug. A multi-speed motor controller blender can prevent the Tornado effect inside the pitcher during making smoothies.

  1. Large Pitcher/Jar:

A large pitcher always helps to mix all ingredients finely even if you want to make only a glass of drinks. Frozen ingredients always need extra space to break into small pieces at the very first move inside the pitcher. A large jug also helps to make sure that you have enough scope to make smoothies for all in the family.

Let's face the difficulties to choose best blender for crushing ice

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4. Pitcher/Jar material:

Ice crushing is one of the hardest tasks for an ice blender. It will be hard enough to deal with the ice for a jar. Jar should be hard enough that it can be able to handle the pressure occurs due to force generated by ice on the jar. For this reason, our recommendation is to choice a jar with the material of poly carbonate material. The jar should be durable and made of poly carbonate or co-polyester material.

  1. Tamper:

Many high-quality blenders may have difficulties in circulating large, freezing ingredients. A tamper lets you push the ones bits to the lowest, where the blades can soften them so that you get genuinely smooth smoothies. Without a tamper, many people flip to different kitchen items, such as wooden spoons, that can mutilation the blender’s blades.

  1. Blades:

Blade subjected to a lot of shear force when it is using to crush hard and rough ice cube. The sort of blades you need may depend upon how you are making a smoothie in your own home. If you add hard components like ice, frozen fruits, you will probably want multi-projection blades designed to crush and liquefy them. Blades, which are not designed for mixing ice can get broken while used too aggressively. Stainless steel blades always carry long-lasting quality and remain bacteria-free. Ninja blade gives the fine cut facility and extra sharpness.

  1. Design:

Classic and smartly designed any kitchen accessories may become the showpiece of your dining. But before designing, quality matters for this of kitchen appliances.

To take decision easily in choosing the best blender for crushing ice, we have arranged different types of blender for you. I hope it will help you to take the decision to purchase more accurately and firstly.

  1. Appliance:

Several types of a blender may be used for blending that is the countertop, personal, immersion, high performance. To crushing ice countertop, high performance and some high powered personal blender is the best to suit to crushing frozen fruits.

Generally, you must try to find out the most useful, durable, and powerful ice blender machine in your price range to meet up your thirsty demand.

  1. Noise and Performance:

Crushing ice is a noisy process. But there are several types of blender which produce more noise than other simultaneously this blender takes more time to pulverize the ice. So if you want to keep your environment relatively sound and want to complete the task in a relatively short time you should be aware of these things also.

The Common Process of Crushing Ice in an Ice Blender:

You should be very conscious of the manufacturer’s recommendation that weather your blender is able to crush ice or not. If your Blender is able to crush ice then read the instruction given in the manual book. Some most common steps in crushing ice in an ice blender are given here

  1. First, you need to out your frozen fruits or ice cube from your freezer and keep it in room temperature for 5 to 10 minutes. You may skip this step if you are using a high-performance ice blender.
  2. Fill your blender pitcher 30% with the ice cube.
  3. Set the lid on pitcher and press the pulse bottom six or seven times for two seconds bursts.
  4. Then set your blender high speed for 15 to 30 seconds depending on the performance of your blender.
  5. Remove the ice if it reached its desired consistency

The process of crushing ice without a blender:

If you do not have blender do not bother you are also able to crush ice without a blender. The process of crushing ice is not a so difficult task but you have to choose the right tools for this purpose.  The process is simple but is not free of hassle. Following steps that help you to crush your ice

  1. Prepare The Tools: Sealable Sandwich Bag, Hammer and Dish Towel
  2. Then put all the ice cube or frozen fruits in a sealable plastic freezer bag. The bag should be designed for food storage.
  3. Place the plastic bag on a wooden cutting board, hammer the ice cube swiftly with a wooden mallet, and should be aware of the tear of the plastic bag.
  4. Remove the ice from the plastic bag when the targeted fragments achieved and then enjoy.

If you want more about it you can read the blog

Our # 2 Best Blender for Crushing Ice: Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender with Four Side Jar 

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is a countertop blender with 1560 watt or 3.0 peak horsepower ensures the best commercial quality? Most blending professionals around the world have used Blendtec Total Classic for their coffee shop, eateries, and juice bars for years.


The blade of this product is 80% thicker and 10× stronger than the other blender’s blade, which is the reason behind having the highest commercials standards of this industry.

Pre-programmed Cycles:

It has six pre-programmed blending cycles whole juice, hot soup, smoothies, ice cream, batters, and ice cube.


It has 64 oz. volume four-sided jar, which has the capacity to blend 32 oz. of smoothies. The jar is made from impact-resistant co-polyester material, which is hard enough to control rough and tough ice cube into it.


One-touch to control, touchpad screen for quick blending and cleaning, and ten plus pulse in exclusive blend cycles.

BPA %:

Totally BPA free

Our # 3 Best Blender for Crushing Ice: Hamilton Beach Professional 1800W Blender  

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It is a very powerful motor with 1800 watt or 2.4-peak horsepower is able to pulverize the hardest ice in a second. This professional blender’s motor is thermally protected for the reason it is able to prevent overheating.


stainless steel blade rotates over 140 mph to ensure your performance that you need to pulverize the ice cube. The hardened stainless steel blade is able to create perfect smoothies, puree hot soup, juice whole fruits and vegetables and grind grains.

Pre-programmed Setting:

The pre-programmed setting for a smoothie, ice crush, puree and clean. This pre-programmed setting allows you one touched convenience and very simple controlling. First, add certain ingredients, for certain programs and then press start to control the program. You can use variable dial and pulse function to ultimate control.


64 oz.  jar is shatterproof. Tritan jar is to handle the ice cube into the jar. The rubber-mounted components ensure the quieter blending.

BPA %:

100%BPA free

Tamper and measuring cup:

tamper helps thick and dense ingredients. The cup helps to measure pour easily.


One-touch auto clean program and dishwasher safe parts and make the cleaning easy. As the motor is thermal protected, so it reduces the overheating as well as increases the lifetime of the blender.

A comparison between our top three products

Topic Vitamix  Blendtec Total  Hamilton Beach
Motor 1200 watt, optimum power, 2.2-peak Horsepower. 1560 watt, 3.0-peak Horsepower. 1800 watt, 2.4-peak Horsepower
Blades Aircraft graded hardened stainless steel blade 80% thicker and 10× stronger blade than other blenders Stainless steel hardened blade that rotates over 140 mph.




Tritan co-polyester Jar, 64oz., Impact-resistant co-polyester jar, 64oz. with a capacity of 32 oz. 64 oz. shatterproof Tritan Jar, quieter blending


Manual control, 10variable speed dial and one pulse lever. Six preprogrammed setting, one-touch control, touchpad, 10 plus pulse the preprogrammed setting for the smoothie, ice crush, puree and clean; one touched convenience
BPA BPA free BPA free BPA free


Our # 4 Best Blender for Crushing Ice: KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender with Polycarbonate Jar 



Intelli speed motor control with the power of .9 horsepower. The Intelli speed technology automatically senses the food mixture in its jar and able to choose the suitable speed of blending. The motor base comes a variety of colors so you can easily find out which color best suits your kitchen.


kitchen aid blender’s blade strikes at 4 planes for optimum performance. The blade is hard and strong enough to crush the ice cube.


it features with a 56-ounce pitcher which is shatterproof and scratchproof. The pitcher is made of commercials grade polycarbonate materials that are remarkably strong, lightweight, and able to resist the temperature. The pitcher is also stain-resistant and large enough to handle a large quantity of

food at once.

       Check Price On Amazon 


This electric blender has a five-speed control settings to offer you stir, chop, puree, mix, and liquidate your food. You can easily push a button of crushes ice and eventually, you can pulse the powerful blender at any speed.


The digital touchpad makes cleaning easy.

Our # 5 Best Blender for Crushing Ice: Cuisinart CBT-1000MR PowerEdge 1.3 Horsepower Blender 

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This countertop blender equipped with a 1000 watts or 1.3 horsepower motor, which is able to crush hard things like an ice cube.


This blender equipped with a high-quality blade assembly with Power 6 Turbo Edge Stainless Still Blade.  The Power 6 Turbo Edge design creates a strong violent that blended ingredients thoroughly. The Power 6 Turbo Edge design offers you easy access to the Complex task of the kitchen. Uses include chopping nuts, cookie or cracker crumbs, Bread; crushing ice; grinding hard cheese; grinding spices, and baby food.


A lightweight 64-ounce BPA free Jar with measuring marks. The Jar is made of Tritan copolymer material. The Jar has a unique, sturdy, and easy to pour design.

Pre-Programmed Cycles

The blender is facilitated with one touched pre-programmed for high speed, low speed, smoothie, pulse and ice crush. Anyone can easily control its speed by one touch.


this pre-programmed cycle provides a simple control panel or one-touch control with backlights buttons, count up timer, and standby mode.


100% BPA free.

Others: This blender also has the feature of

  1. heavy-duty die-cast metal housing: which makes it stable;
  2. Slip-proof feet: that helps to prevent movement during use
  3. Cord Storage: keeps countertop safe and neat by conveniently storing the excess cord.

Our # 6 Best Blender for Crushing Ice: Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender 


Hearing from the name it could imagine that the Ninja Mega Kitchen System is capable of doing multiple tasks. With this Ninja BL770 model, you can do a lot of things more than you can imagine. It has the ability to work as a juicer, blender, and food processor.


Like all other models of  Ninja blenders, this model is stylish. It has a height of 9.5 inches, a width of 17.8 inches and a depth of 8.2 inches. The pitcher is quite tall and the touchpad key on the base makes its operation easy.


It has 1500 watt/2 horsepower motor which is optimum to act as one of the best blenders for crushing ice. It seems the horsepower is less powerful compared to other blenders, but it has the total crushing technology. The total crushing technology can crush ice and whole vegetables within a few seconds.


It has different types of blades options. There are 4 blades option is for to make different types of foods. Furthermore, there are 6 blades option is for blending high-powered work. In addition, there is dough blades option to crush the dough. You can also use the single blade for doing the regular low-powered blending.


Cleaning this blender is a little bit difficult. Although you can wash it with the dishwasher people who don’t have a dishwasher will face a problem. This blender does not come up with a self-cleaning function. For that reason, if you don’t have a dishwasher then you need to wash it by your hand.

The good thing about this blender about cleaning is you can dismantle each part and clean it easily. However, the blade is sharp and you need to conscious to clean.

A Comparison between Our Mid Range Machine

Topic Ninja bl 770  Cuisinart  Kitchen Aid 
Motor 1500 watts powerful motor 1000 watts, 1.3 horsepower motor Intelli speed 0.9 horsepower motor.
Blades 4 types of blades and six blades assemblies Power 6 Turbo Edged Stainless Steel  Blade This blade is able to strike in 4 planes.


The pitcher is 72 oz.  64oz. Tritan copolymer Jar. 56 oz. shatterproof and scratchproof commercial-grade polycarbonate Jar.


User-friendly control panel Five pre-programmed settings provide one-touch control. preprogrammed setting for stir, chop, puree, mix and liquidate food; And a push button to crush ice.
BPA BPA free BPA free ———


Our # 7 Best Blender for Crushing Ice: NutriBullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender 

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900 watts motor.


unique extraction blades and exclusive cyclonic action to pulverize and emulsify whole fruits and vegetables.


It is 100% BPA free.

Other Features:

  1. The 13-Piece Set includes  – High-toque Power Base; 2- 32oz Colossal Cups; 2- Flip-Top Lids; 1- Emulsifying Extractor Blade; 2- Handled Lip Rings; 1-Blasting for Optimum Health Recipe Book; 1-User Manual; 1-Pocket Nutritionist; 2-Comfort Lip Rings.
  2. It is able to pulverize green smoothies, protein shakes, green vegetables, fruits, and superfoods.

Let’s See a video review for this product



Our # 8 Best Blender for Crushing Ice: Ninja Professional  Blender with  Total Crushing Technology for Smoothies, Ice and Frozen Fruit (BL610), Black 

Check Price On Amazon 


1000 watts motor ensures you an outstanding performance.


The total crushing technology delivers you unbeatable professional power with a blade that you can pulverize and crush ice cube, vegetables, and fruits in seconds.


The 72 oz. The jar is perfect for making smoothies and frozen fruits drinks for the entire family member.


There are a pulse button and three-speed button namely high, medium and low to control speed and perfect ice crushing, blending, pureeing and controlled processing.


100% BPA free.

A Comparison Between Our Low Price Machine

Topic Nutri Bullet Pro  Ninja 
Motor 900 watts with  power base motor 1000 watts motor
Blades Stainless steel blade with cyclonic action and Emulsifying Extractor Blade The Total Crushing Technology delivers you unbeatable professional power with the blade.
Pitcher/Jug capacity:


 32oz Colossal Cup  Plastic 72oz. Jar with a liquid capacity of 64 oz.


Read a carefully manual book Three programmed cycles and one pulse button
BPA ——————————– BPA free



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