How To Crush Ice Without A Blender In 2020

How to crush ice without a blender:

If you have no idea about how to crush ice without a blender, I will tell you that crushing ice without a blender is a not a difficult process but you have to keep yourself aware of the accident. Crushing ice in a blender is a very easy way to get your ice crushed. If you have an ice blender in your kitchen you are clearly ahead in the step of crushing ice. And then learn how to crush ice in ice blender and start doing so. And you also need to take care of your ice blender like cleaning the blender, take apart of the parts of the blender and reassemble the parts.  If you do not have blender do not bother you are also able to crush ice without a blender. The process of crushing ice is not a so difficult task but you have to choose the right tools for this purpose.  The process is simple but is not free of hassle. Tools that help you crushing ice without a blender is given here

Tools Required:

Sandwich Bag:

You need a sandwich bag to confine the ice in a bag and provide a surface area for hammering the ice for the process of pulverizing ice. It also prevents the ice from moving to and fro and keeping a safe pulverizing environment. The Sandwich bag should be able to food storage and sealable.

Dish Towel:

As a sandwich bag might be leaked while hammering naked and have a large possibility that ice gets itself out from the sandwich bag and mix with the dust from the surface while crushing and hammering. So my recommendation is to use a dish towel to wrap the sandwich bag filled with ice and start hammering.


The hammer should hard enough to crush ice by hammering. A clean and non-corrosive stainless steel hammer is hard enough to crush ice.


  1. Ensure that the hammer is clean and free of harmful germs which might affect the hammer for keeping the hammer aloof from using.
  2. Clean the sealable plastic sandwich bag in a proper way and make sure it is free from any leakage.
  3. Take a clean and germs free dish towel to wrap the sealable bag with ice.
  4. Chose a sturdy surface to put the bag and hammering process.

The process involving how to crush ice without an ice blender is given below.

  1. Remove ice from your refrigerator and keep it at room temperature for 5 minutes then clean the ice.
  2. Choose a plastic sealable bag, which should be thicker and durable and make sure that the bag is clean enough to use as food storage.
  3. Then put all the ice cube or frozen fruits in a sealable plastic freezer bag. The bag should be designed for food storage.
  4. After that wrap the sealable bag with the clean dish towel.
  5. Place the wrapping plastic bag on a wooden cutting board or a sturdy surface, hammer the ice cube swiftly with a wooden mallet and should be aware of the tear of the plastic bag.
  6. Once the smaller fragments are achieved then hammer more swiftly and slowly until the targeted fragments are achieved.
  7. Remove the ice from the plastic bag when the targeted fragments achieved and then enjoy the pulverized ice as your desired way.

This whole process of how to crush ice without a blender can be easily described by the following pictures.

How to crush ice without a blender

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  1. You can save the money by buying ice blender.
  2. You need not face the hassle of cleaning or maintaining an ice blender.
  3. You can save the power of operating an ice blender machine.


  1. This procedure is risky enough to occur any accident
  2. Achieving targeted fragments of ice crushing is difficult.
  3. The total process is full of hassle.
  4. The procedure is time-consuming.
  5. The ice fragments might have no uniqueness

The total process is difficult enough for a regular basis of ice crushing or large volume ice crushing. And there is some cost-benefit with that process but the disadvantage should also keep in mind. You can use this process for once or twice for urgency basis when you have no ice blender in your home. But my recommendation is to buy a cheaper ice blender at least as soon as possible. There is lots of ice blender in your budget. You can check the best ice blender in your budget from here.

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