Do You Know How to Repair Blender?

How to Repair Blender

A blender is a multifunctional household appliance that is found in almost every kitchen. This is a convenient device that can replace several devices at once. With its help, you can grind, mix, and whip the products. The design of the blenders is simple, so they are quite reliable. However, even the most reliable equipment fails. Consider how to repair blender, find the cause of the breakdown and do it yourself.

DIY Blender Repair

Mistresses often encounter a situation where the blender stops working and the knife does not spin. It happens that the knife, engine and speed switch are working, but when loading ingredients, the device works “idle” without grinding them. In many cases, repairs can be done with your hands. Let’s figure out how to repair blender in that case.

How to Disassemble a Hand Blender

Before disassembling the blender for repair, you should carefully read the technical documentation. Disassembly instructions may be supplied with Bosch, Philips, Scarlett, Polaris models. It is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Otherwise, there is a high risk of permanently breaking the device.

How to repair blender

Blender Repair

For disassembly and blender repair, the following tools will be required:

  • A thin flat screwdriver (if such a screwdriver is not found, it can be replaced with a narrow knife);
  • Long screwdriver;
  • Pliers;
  • A magnet to get out small parts if you can’t remove them with tools;
  • Superglue or any other reliable adhesive composition, with which you can restore the integrity of the seams if they are damaged.

The DIY disassembly procedure for a blender:

  • Unscrew all the screws, remembering or marking their location.
  • Remove all items that are possible.
  • Parts that could not be removed must be carefully inspected. They can be snapping fastened. In this case, they can be removed by pressing the locks of the latches.
  • When the case is disassembled, you can begin to check the health of parts and repair.

Note: Some craftsmen offer a more radical version of disassembly. Like, a narrow screwdriver or knife is pushed between the case and the casing of the device. Then the weld is knocked down with an exact hammer blow. This method is suitable only for non-collapsible models. However, superglue will be required for their reassembly after repair.

HowTo Repair Blender: How To Fix the Device

The most common models of Scarlett (Scarlet), Vitek (Vitek), Polaris (Polaris), Philips (Philips), Bosch (Bosch) are usually disassembled, so they can be repaired by oneself, replaced nozzles. Consider in what cases an independent blender repair is possible.

  1. Knife replacement: If the knife is dull, it can only be replaced, because it is not subject to sharpening. New knives are sold in specialized and hardware stores. To replace, remove the old part by wrapping it in a towel and unscrewing. After that, put on a new knife (it may differ in appearance from the old one), fix it.

Important! Sometimes you can buy a new knife complete with an oil seal. It makes sense to replace both parts at once. In some stationary models, the knife cannot be removed from the bowl. Then there remains only the option of a comprehensive replacement of the bowl, knife, and gland.

  1. Speed ​​controller: In stationary models, it may be difficult to check the switch, as often there is a lockout function without a bowl. By the way, the problem of stopping the operation of the device is also associated with blocking. If you suspect a malfunction of the speed switch, you need to remove it, check in full each position and repair it.
  2. Stop work: If the device does not turn on, the first thing is to check the cord. You may need to replace the cord try turning on the blender. If it turns on and buzzes, but does not work, then disable the lock. Failure in the depressed lock most often indicates burnout of the motor winding. It can be replaced, but it is an expensive repair. So it is often more profitable to just buy a new blender.

Note: The problem may be with printed circuit boards. It is worth inspecting capacitors and resistors. If a short circuit occurs, then the device is best given to specialists. In many cases, damaged electronics cannot be repaired or their cost is too high.

To disassemble, check and repair blenders with your hands as little as possible, it is worthwhile to adhere to simple rules for safe operation. Check the reliability of attachments before starting work, do not turn on the device without a bowl.

Moreover, to answer the question of how to repair blender is easy but it is not hassled free work. So do not allow overloads, carefully handle the wire (make sure that it does not bend or twist). The main thing is to follow the instructions for use. These simple measures are quite enough for the equipment to serve for many years and without going through how to repair blender on google.


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